About re:newcell

How it all started

Scientists at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, had been researching more efficient ways of producing bioethanol by finding a new way to decompose cellulose. As work progressed they realized that their method could be successful in decomposing the cellulose in cotton and viscose. They were convinced that this could be the key to recycling textiles on a massive scale and make fashion sustainable. In January 2012 they founded re:newcell.


The yellow dress

In July 2014 a model walked down a catwalk and into history. The yellow dress she was wearing was made out of blue jeans that had been recycled with re:newcell technology. It was the first garment in the world that had been made from chemically recycled used textiles. It was also the first re:newcell production of a fully recycled garment, soon to be followed by other dresses, a t-shirt, children’s pyjamas and scarf. Two years later six more re:newcell garments could be seen on the catwalk during the Berlin Ethical Fashion Week.


The first plant

Following growing demand for re:newcell pulp from the fashion industry, the first re:newcell plant opened in Kristinehamn, Sweden in 2017. It’s a demo plant with the capacity to produce 7,000 tons of Circulose pulp every year. This is where we get the experience that will allow us to design full-scale plants, that each will produce approximately 30,000 tons of Circulose pulp per year.

Board of directors

Patrik Lundström - CEO
Previously Business Director at Jacobi Carbon. Former executive at DSM and General Electric. M.B.A. from Stockholm School of Economics and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology.

Heikki Hassi, Ph.D.
Chairman and senior partner at SciTech-Service Oy. Experienced executive in the Pulp & Paper, Viscose Fibre and other biomass based industries. Ph.D. in Chemistry from North Carolina State University.

Per Aniansson
Former Investment Director at Fouriertransform, former CFO and CEO. M.Sc from Chalmers University of Technology and M.B.A. from Insead.

Professor Mikael Lindström
Professor, Dean of the School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology.

Henrik Norlin - Chairman
Deputy board member Girindus Investment, investor in Meva Energy and Cleanflow. M.Sc. in Industrial Management from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology.

Malcom Norlin
Former main owner and working chairman of Domsjö Fabriker, senior partner at Girindus Investment. M.B.A., Stanford University.

Erik Karlsson
Investment Manager at H&M CO:LAB. Responsible for H&M's investments in sustainable fashion. M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Lund University.