Is it possible to recycle clothes made from re:newcell pulp?


What kind of energy do you use in the Kristinehamn plant?

Renewable energy.

What about the chemicals used in your dissolving process?

They are recycled and reused in a closed loop.

Why is the plant located in Kristinehamn?

Both the city of Kristinehamn and the province of Värmland have a long tradition of cellulosic production. Here we find the know-how and resources we need.

What should I do with my used cotton clothes when I no longer want them?

Put them in the recycling bin. Many of the major retailers also collect unwanted clothes for reuse and recycling.

Is there anything I should have in mind when I buy clothes to make them easy to recycle?

Choose pure materials, preferably 100% cotton or 100% viscose and no mixes (like cotton/polyester). Check if the clothes are dyed naturally. If possible: no prints. And if you really want to go the extra mile: only biodegradable materials (we really like pure cotton).

Who do you work with?

We only work with fashion brands and textile producers with a sincere desire to make fashion sustainable. No green-washing, please. These include small, high quality brands centered around sustainability, as well as larger companies committed to making a radical change towards a circular sustainable business model.